Volvo Invents a Solar Panel That Unfurls From the Car Trunk


These days electric cars are not that favourable. You always have to be aware of the most nearby charging station and that energy is probably produced by nuclear energy or even worse coal. Now, volvo has a new concept that combines a road trip and renewable energy. They designed a stylish solar-powered pavilion that can be stored in the trunk and deployed to recharge the car.

Because it is unknown in what orientation the car is parked, and thus it is impossible to gauge how sunlight will fall.That’s why they have produced annual solar incidence studies to determine which parts of the skin will achieve the highest solar gains in any site in any orientation.These results gave them the best placement of the solar panels so they can achieve maximal power.

Of course this is just a prototype.It’s a very nice concept (you can visit the website for pictures) but there are some issues.Here some disadvantages: It takes 12 hours to charge the batteries of the car, it is rather big and it will cost at least 60 000 euro’s. So maybe something for the future, but for now just to illustrate the diversity of solar panels.

Anton Blindeman


4 thoughts on “Volvo Invents a Solar Panel That Unfurls From the Car Trunk

    • The power produced by solorpanels on the roof of the car is not enough the be able to drive. It will only result in the fact that your battery will be less fast empty. But maybe an combination of both is an good solution…

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